And the Geeks shall inherit the earth!

So, it’s Wednesday, and I’m sitting at The TeCafe having a really good pot of Nigili Nonsuch Bop black tea, waiting for Sue to get out of Curves.

Why am I writing?  Because I’m not working on anything else at the moment.  This is one of the ways I chill out and relax.


So, if you’re looking for a place to post an auction or classified ad, and only pay $4.00 a month with the first month free, then look no further than Neighborhood Auction Barn.  I’ve been helping the owners get things ready for their big debut on May 1st.  I’m hoping it takes off, because it’s a great concept, of course, I’m biased because I got paid for my work 🙂

I’m working hard at getting my business started, I’m about halfway through my small business book.  Once that is done, I will register the business and start looking for startup capital.  So far I’ve got a couple of leads for more work, which is making the transition to being my own boss that much easier.  I’m so busy nowadays, so I hope it keeps going when I finally decide to open a storefront.

If I do, I’ll be selling computer hardware and software, and perhaps video games.  I’ll do PC repair and network installs, and when I’ve got a good business established, I’ll begin creating my own line of Pcs.  it’s a big step, but I feel it’s necessary for my line of work.  Businesses want so much for so very little.  I doubt I’d be able to find another job anywhere near my current pay, no matter how many certifications or degrees I have.

Since I’ve been working on the auction site so much, I’ve put Uber-Geek on the side for now.  Once I get things there done, I will jump headlong into getting some animated content up and running.  I’ve decided to go with a standard anime-style character, due to its ease of animation, plus I’m going to be doing it all cell-shaded, which should make it interesting to do.  I’m hoping the images and designs I have in my noggin will come out on the PC.

Shouldn’t be too long now before Sue shows up, tired and wanting to go home.  That’s good because home is where I want to be right now.

Geek OFF!

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