Audio Technica AT2020USB+

I bit the bullet and purchased a real microphone.


The Audio Technica 2020USB Plus is a huge upgrade from my Blue Snowball. Now, I’ve had the Snowball around for nearly 10 years, and for a period of time, it was the best I could afford. I’ve heard great things about the AT2020, and I’ve also heard people using it. I had no idea how much better it was.

Let’s take a listen as I read an excerpt from The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy.

First, the Snowball:

And now, the AT 2020:

I think the audio from the AT2020 is much cleaner, with little background noise and clipping. The Snowball is good for when you have multiple people or want to gather background noise, but as far as a voice or instrument only mic, it falls short.

I combined the mic with a boom and shock mount that has a pop filter built-in, the results are clean audio and ease of use. With the built-in monitor headphone jack, and the ability to hear the PC playback and the mic at the same time, this was a good upgrade.

I was thinking about getting the Blue Yeti because I like the Blue line of products, but their headphone monitor does not accommodate playback, the AT2020 acts as a speaker and passes all PC output to the headphones.

So there you have it, expect more audio content in the future, now that my production value has grown.


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