Blogging, what is it good for?

So I haven’t posted a single thing since the new year, and honestly, a lot of things have been going on, but for some reason, blogging wasn’t one of them.

So, starting things out, here’s what’s sitting in my living room:

This is a Well S-System M4 Airsoft rifle.  It’s a single-shot rifle, with red dot scope and LED flashlight. It has an adjustable hop-up and is a really nice rifle for only $30.00.  I invaded Ohio last month with some of my friends, and we had a blast. We went out in the cold, which was of course cold, but pretty cool. Once I got into the game, I didn’t even notice the cold much. We played for a couple of hours until the cold got to us. After some rest and some awesome pizza, we went back out in the cover of darkness to have some night battles. The wind wasn’t up by then, so the bb was really accurate. I got the name “One-shot willy” from it. My only pet peeve about this rifle is I kept bumping the clip release when I reloaded, so I would fire my gun, go to reload, and the clip falls to the ground. I did like the fact that the clip holds 50 rounds, and reloading is a simple shake of the clip.

My wife bought a Berretta pistol, which has great range and usability. It made a wonderful sidearm, I just need to get a belt that will allow me to get to it faster.

So, my wife talked me into buying a new laptop, so we ended up getting a gateway widescreen. So far it’s been working very well for us. I can’t say much about it, because I only use it to browse the web. It doesn’t have a serial port, so I’ll have to grab a USB-serial converter in order to connect to my vehicle’s amateur radio.  No biggie though.

I finally picked up an in-depth training video for 3ds max. What kills me the most is, Maya is free for trying, and I’m kinda kicking myself for sticking with 3ds. Granted it’s just as expensive, but it’s gaining in popularity. If Uber-Geek takes off, I may convert it to Maya when I purchase a full version. Right now I have an educational copy of 3ds max, which is cool because everything I’m using it for is – educational. If I decide to go production, then I’ll cough up the cash.

Anyways, looking forward to the new year. I’ll be credit card debt-free next month, which means that rather than paying the monthly charge, I’ll be putting it into our savings account for the upcoming wedding. Once that’s done, who knows.

I’m rambling now,  honestly, I’m not even looking at the screen, I was watching Diggnation on my second monitor. Wow, my life is too boring EVEN FOR MYSELF!

Geek OFF!

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