Click, Click…BOOM!

I had an airsoft event this weekend. It was hosted by our local airsoft store for one of their teammates who is in need of help due to medical bills.

The day started off slow, mostly because of how long it took to get there, but once we were there, it was worth it. There were 4 offensives.

1. Our team had to defend an “airstrip” from the opposing team. I had to piss so bad by this point that as soon as we all split off, I made a b-line for the treeline. I almost got caught with my pants down, as I was right near where the enemy was patrolling.  Unfortunately for me, I was facing the wrong direction and got one in the back. My team won the game I believe, but I was the first to go down, which is the norm for me usually.

2. This one was hard, as we had to find a box in the middle of the woods. Only one of us knew where it really was. We were told we could be under fire at any moment, so we took our good, sweet time trekking through the woods. Our group only lost the main group twice, and I’ve found that my throat mic doesn’t work very well, so I’m going to find something else that might possibly go into my helmet. Anyways, we walked for over an hour, until we finally made it to a point where we were taking fire. I managed to take out two before I got hit, and I must say, I made a grand display of myself, running backward down a slag pile while firing. I’m lucky I didn’t fall and seriously hurt myself. The walk back wasn’t too bad, a little messy due to the small swamp river, but otherwise, it was good.

3. We had to attack a “bunker” and rescue the hostages. I and another member got lit up trying to come down around the bottom. I was there for about 5 minutes until I got healed. I managed to stay alive for a while longer but got taken down again. I wished I had my ghillie suit done because it would have come in handy.

4. The same scenario, only we were on the offensive. I and 3 others decided an ambush would be the best, so I scrambled up a small hill to get a wonderful sniping position. I was surrounded by thick, heavy thorns and all sorts of pointy plants. I managed to single shoot one guy in the back and spent a good time huddled down while their return fire bounced around me. I was almost giddy when I realized the thick brush in front of me was stopping the bb from reaching me. I made my way a little further back and covered my helmet with some of the local foliage. With my makeshift “ghillie” suit attached, I was able to stand up almost all the way. I really need to camouflage my gun, because it’s a big, black target. I didn’t get any more kills, but I did keep the other team busy trying to shoot at me, which gave my team time to win the objective.

We didn’t get done until 8:30 pm, so once I got home, it was time for dinner, a shower, and a bed. I’m not sure if I slept at all last night, as the days’ activities went over and over in my head. Having flashback dreams is the worst!

So now I’m tired and sore. I’m wishing they held the games on Saturdays.

A lot of other things going on, but they’re too personal to talk about online, just know that I’m at my wit’s end and am very close to losing it.


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