*cough, cough*

Hey look, Tony’s writing something. Alright! This weekend was absolute Hell for me, good thing I don’t believe in Hell 🙂

I had to clean out the basement because the stupid thing collects water and there are no drains for it to go down. So it sits there, waiting to be slowly soaked up by the concrete. I’m so glad we’re only renting because I would have fixed this long ago. The Landlord told us at the beginning that it leaked, but last year it was completely dry. This year it leaks whenever it rains.

I had to move my workbench and my auxiliary computer back into the main part of the basement. So now I’ve got a 7×20 area of the basement that cannot be used for anything. Space has become an issue upstairs, part of me is a firm believer that we have way too much stuff. Most of it could be gone through and removed from the house one way or another.

So Sunday I decided that perhaps we should start looking to live elsewhere. If we don’t find anything better, we’ll just sit tight and deal with it until next year, when the wedding will be over, and we’ll have some money saved up to put down on an actual house.

I haven’t made it to the last couple of airsoft games, mostly because I haven’t been free. I’m hoping next weekend I’ll be able to go, and hopefully, Sue will be feeling better and can go with me. I could use some backup that actually follows orders!

Once again, the need to get into shape is starting to tug on me. I fear that if I don’t start now, I won’t be able to later. I’m not getting any younger. Right now I’m concentrating on my Sue since she’s been in pain for almost two weeks now. I am confident that everything will work out, but I can’t help but worry. She’s my wife, my love, and my best friend. I don’t want to see anything bad happen to her.

It’s bad enough being married to a dark lord! 😛


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