So after some deep thought, and a few suggestions from my lovely fiance’, I have decided to get back into Amateur Radio. So I did what any good ham would do, I went on eBay to find a new rig. I ended up getting Yeasu VX-7R Tri-band HT.

I should have it by the end of the week, I just hope it’s all it’s cracked up to be. So because I’m starting back into another hobby, I will be adding another interest category to my website. I may even add another subdomain, but I doubt it. I’ve already created an e-mail redirect, kb3cda@uber-geek.us, so that should be enough. I’ll definitely be updating my site at qsl.net.

So yeah, one more thing to fill my day and empty my pocket. This hobby might get me back into my old “spark-chasing” days when I was in college, it may even lead to a new job opt as well.

Who knows, all I know is, Da Uber-Geek’s got a new toy! 🙂

Geek OFF!

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