Drop pants…bend over…prepare for taxes!

It says in the constitution that we should not pay taxes.

Taxes in the US were created to fund the first world war, and they were to be removed once the war was over, well I guess the war hasn’t ended yet.

I got crushed on taxes, seriously. Pittsburgh is the worst place to live in this state. I owe them more for 5 months than I did for an entire year when I lived just one county over.

And for what? Bumpy, pot-holed roads, bad water, terrible working conditions, and oh yeah, two new ugly stadiums that I will never go to.

Does Canada have taxes? cause if not, that country is looking better and better every day. Just as long as I can have my cabin in the woods, my T-1 line, and a moose head hanging over the front door, I’d be pretty happy.

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