Episode One – The Phantom Blog

It’s 2017, ten years ago I started writing a blog, most of the time it would only be done once a month, and was made up of short blurbs about what I was doing at the time. One day, in the midst of a depression episode, I deleted my blog. Nearly ten years of writings were gone in an instant, now only accessible through the internet archives.

I want to try again, but this time I want it to be different. Instead of writing about me and what I’m currently doing, I want to try and write about how I feel about a certain topic. While it is still “about me” in a way, it’s not focused so much on my life or the goings-on, but more to the core of who I am, and my beliefs.

I hope you’ll follow along, and please, throw me a comment, let’s start a conversation, communication is a two-way street, otherwise, it’s just one voice shouting in the dark.

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