Falling Leaves

I’ve been trying to keep an upbeat mood, but lately, I think it would be easier to climb Mt. Everest than to wear a smile on my face.

I have to remember that this is the time of year when I get really depressed and climb into my shell for 6 months. Focusing on the good things in my life does help a lot, and I’ve been trying to keep from obsessing over the negative things.

This weekend was our 7th wedding anniversary, but we celebrated it on Tuesday because I took the day off to meet my parents in Monroeville for lunch and shopping. Sue and I went to Dave & Buster’s afterward and did the circuit of games for a while, then we ended up at Uno’s for dinner. Despite some issues with food, it was a good day. I have to say, my greatest accomplishment in life is a stable, loving marriage. Some people get used to one another after a while, but I find something new in her every day.

This weekend was the Amateur Radio PA QSO Party, I had planned on doing the contest all month, but Friday night I decided not to. The contest runs from 12 pm to midnight on Saturday, and 8 am to 5 pm on Sunday. I just couldn’t see myself sitting there all day on the radio when things needed to be done around the house. Being our anniversary weekend, I wanted to be available if Sue wanted to go somewhere. If I want to do the contest next year, I’ll be sure that Sue has something to do with friends outside of the house.

There are so many things that need to be done around the house, the idea of taking a week off of work and getting everything done is starting to look like a possibility. Here’s the shortlist:

  1. New flooring for the Dining Room and Living Room – The wood is in the basement, ready to go, I simply need the pad for underneath, and a second 1st floor to move everything into 🙂
  2. Basement Workbench – I have been tweaking the plans for over a year, it’s time to just build the damned thing already
  3. New computer desk for Sue – Again, plans have been in the works, I think it’s reached a point where we can build it without issue.
  4. Finish the bathroom – Don’t know why I haven’t yet, it’s been years. I honestly don’t know why.

So yeah, some of this stuff will take more than a week to get done, the floor is the major part that will take 100% of my time, so that would be the thing to focus on for that week. I so want to just come home from work, change clothes, and dig right into the work, but once I eat dinner and try to relax for a moment, I get really lazy. I think I need to start eating at the dinner table instead of my desk. I tend to get a bit too comfy once I’m done eating, or I get wrapped up in something online. If I can work at one thing a night, and stick with it, I should be able to get everything done within a month.

This brings me to next month, my 40th birthday. I’m very glad to think that I might actually have a shot at making it to 40, there for a while I was worried I wouldn’t last the month, let alone a couple of years. Stress was literally killing me, and now that I’ve removed 99% of my daily stress, I’m realizing I should have changed jobs a long time ago. I got used to the constant worry, the continuous self-doubt until it became the norm.

I’m also looking forward to our gym opening next month. I feel like crap, and I lack the motivation to do anything at home. This place will be less than 5 minutes away and is open 24 hours a day, so I can literally go whenever I want to. I’ve hit that point in life where I’ll need to work twice as hard to get my body in shape, during the winter I plan on hitting the gym 3 days a week. Part of sticking with a routine is availability. The last couple of places we’ve joined have been out of our way to get to, this has been the main problem with our workout schedule, having to drive 20-25 minutes to work out after having driven the same amount to get home.

Well, that’s enough for today, time to do what I said I was going to do and go do something.


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