Game Over

So I bought my Radeon 9600XT about 4 months ago, in the hopes that Half-Life 2 would soon be here.

I’ve come to the decision that video games as a whole, suck. We spend hours upon hours playing a useless program for no reason whatsoever. We spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade our PC’s so that they can run the latest games, only to feel the need to upgrade again just to keep up.

As of tonight, I don’t have any games on my PC, not a one. You know what, my PC runs great now! So fast. Now I can concentrate on more important things. Paths that will increase my cash flow, my mind, and my horizons.

To Hell with my FPS rate, who cares if I could make a headshot in UT without even using the scope. What does it matter if I’m able to dominate an entire server of 16 elite fighters? When I disconnect from the server, I’m just another guy….. Just like everyone else.

Including you.

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