Got the house to myself

So Suzanne went to visit friends today, so that left me alone with the kitties for the day.

She won’t be back until Monday afternoon, and I won’t see her until Monday night. I’m well aware that it’s good for couples to have some time to themselves once in a while, but I miss her so. Top it all off, there’s a thunderstorm moving through, which means I’m on the laptop till it blows over.

We’ve been having some serious weather patterns the past couple of days, and there’s more rain on the way tomorrow. Last Friday we had a bad thunderstorm around lunchtime that took out some systems at work. We finally got back online 100% Tuesday afternoon.

It’s funny. Every time Suzanne goes away for an extended period, we get a bad thunderstorm. A few years ago she would have a D&D game in Squirrel Hill, and Noche and I would stay home. We usually ended up in the living room together waiting out the storm. I’d rather it come when she’s not around, she’s not too keen on bad storms, especially on top of the hill. I’m not saying I like them very much either, they are a fascinating and necessary part of nature, I just hope it rolls through before my bedtime. I hate sleeping through a storm.

So I managed to shop victoriously tonight. I picked up a Blue Snowball professional USB mic.

Now, these mics normally run for $130-$150, but I managed to tag one on eBay for $50.00. With this new mic, my voice will finally start sounding pretty good. I have some thoughts about what I’m going to do with it. A podcast for tech support would be a good start, but perhaps something geared towards alternative energy and general conservation would be a good side. I’ve already got a good segment in mind that lays out the pros and cons of alternative energy sources. I’ve also got a segment working out on water conservation.

So maybe the Green Geek will make a comeback. I should put something out there since I’ve got the tools and some of the talent.

I’ve been connected to the Xbox like a momma’s teet for the last week. I took the plunge and signed up for Xbox Live. I got the 1-month free subscription, and so far I’m loving it. I played Halo 3 multiplayer today and did fairly well for my first time. I got 2nd place out of 4 players. I’ve also decided that aside from Guild Wars, I’ve had it with PC gaming. I tried one last time to play my 3 favorites and just got sick of the BS that the games bring. It seems the console crowd is a little better.

We shall see.


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