Last week I loaded about 60 CDs on half.com, I figured if I don’t listen to them anymore, might as well give them up for someone else.

So far I’ve been shipping out about 4-8 CDs a day, some of them sold as I was inputting other ones from my inventory.

It’s a shame I can’t rely on half.com and eBay, I’d make it a full-time business. I know many other people are doing it, but I can’t seem to find that one product that everyone wants. Hey, maybe I could sell tech support? Yeah, who’d pay $20.00 to have their computer fixed over the internet? I dunno.

House-hunting is going well, we looked at a great place yesterday, we’re thinking about giving them an offer, hopefully, it’s one they won’t refuse.

Oh well, I’ve lost a lot of ambition lately, I think I’m just so overwhelmed with stuff that I can’t concentrate on one thing. Could be Adult ADD. Time to start popping the pills so I can be normal, of course, I won’t poop, want to have sex, or be able to drink clear liquids, but my ADD will be gone. It seems lately the cure is worse than the problem.

Geek OFF!

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