Happy New Year 2007!

So long without posting, what’s a geek to do?  Well, a post would be nice.

So what’s going on with me? New Years’ resolution time.  Let’s begin.

  1. Get more involved in Amateur Radio – I’ve gotta scrape off the dust and venomous snakes from my mic and start talking
  2. Get in shape – this is something that NEEDS to be done, as I am feeling quite terrible. I’ve set realistic goals, no specific weight loss amount, just get out and exercise. I’ve already been eating pretty well, so that’s not a factor.
  3. Spend more time away from the PC – my wife and I can be described as the perfect couple. We both love to spend time in front of our computers, not communicating or interacting.
  4. Keep better maintenance on the cars – trivial, but necessary.
  5. Clean the house and keep it that way – we’re not filthy people, just clutterbugs. The clutter must go.

So there you have it, my top 5. I’ll have to keep this page handy and see which ones I complete.

I’ve taken down Bonante Computing and Uber-Geek for now. Nothing I hate more than a web page that says it’s going to update but never does.  I’m slowly working on getting uber-geek up and running again. I’ve purchased a $99.00 3d Studio Max Fundamentals video that’s packed with 110 hours of instructions. I’ve seen the projects and am very impressed. If I can do those projects and make them work, then I’ll be ready to begin developing the CG versions of my characters.

Work is going very well, there have been days where I’m ready to pull my hair out, but most of the time it’s been fun to go to work. Now mind you, the work isn’t easy, but the atmosphere is so anti-stressful compared to the way it was before, that I can actually think and get things done. It’s amazing to actually find a place where I’m happy to work.

My wife bought a Polaroid a300 3.2mp digital camera last night. It’s pretty sweet, so easy to use, and tiny compared to my HP camera. I bought two new Cobra MicroTalk FRS/GMRS radios. I needed ones that could do the VOX through a headset, unfortunately, they won’t because the headset that comes with it doesn’t have a hot mic. So I’ll need to make a pair for it. No biggie, means I get to solder something!

A couple of my friends and I are going to try our hand at Airsoft. I have an M-4 on order, and I picked up a Tippman Vforce Armor mask from the local store last night. I’ve played paintball lots of times in the past, so I’m hoping this will be more fun, seeing as how it’s much more realistic. Only time will tell, but I need to find a place to play around here, it’s the only way I’m going to stay in the hobby.

Well, there’s your update, enjoy!

Geek OFF!

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