Here we go

Ok, so I watched the Super Bowl.  How could I not have?  I mean, though I’m not a native of Pittsburgh, I’ve been living here since 1992, so I guess I’ve become a naturalized citizen of the Steeler Nation.

I figured it out, I only watch the end games.  Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, World Series.  I’ll watch the best of the best go at it, and that’s about it.

I’m glad Pittsburgh won, this will help the local economy, at least for a while anyway.  I came into work today, and it was a ghost town on the roads.  All the schools had a two-hour delay, so that accounted for some of it, but I think it was just too much partying late last night that attributed to the sparseness of vehicles on the road.

Got my fingers crossed, as of today, there are 23 days left in my contract, and so far the paperwork has been submitted to re-up me for another 6 months.  All I need now is the blessing from those above, and all is well for another 6 months.

If not, then I’ve got a lot of work to do to polish my resume and my skill set to be competitive.  As much as I would like to think my business would take off, I seriously doubt it will be enough to live on.

On a brighter note, Sue and I have finalized the plans for the wedding at Shakespeare’s Saturday, as well as registering at Bed, bath, and beyond, so look for a wedding website to be built soon.

So, it’s finally started to snow today, looks like winter is creeping back into view once again, which is expected, so we’ll probably be taking the Blazer to work a lot this week.

Alright, I’m starting to drift towards the side of babble, so I’m out.

Geek OFF!

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