I make car parts for the American working man

So, in my attempts to make my Focus inspectable, I went to AutoZone to pick up a pair of 6418 Euro lamps, the kind of bulbs that go into a license plate light.

Turns out they didn’t have them, nor did they stock them.  I was told, “You might have to go to Ford for those”.

Dumbfounded, I shrugged it off and went to Advance Auto Parts the next day.  I walked right in, took a quick look at their lamp display, grabbed a pair of 6418’s and headed to the cashier.  It amazes me that in today’s world, something as simple as a common lamp requires a trip to two different stores.  I bet if I went to Wal-Mart, I could have found those lamps with no problem.

So, if nothing else, I’ve learned two things this week.  1. Never get your car inspected when you can have a family member do it for you.  If something won’t pass, they fix it for you, and re-inspect the vehicle, not just write it down and fail you for $15.00.  2. If you want neon and oil, go to Autozone, you want a real part for your car, go to Advance Auto Parts.

Speaking of the Focus, I finally got my Larsen KG 2/70 glass-mount dual-band ham antenna last night, which I promptly installed, since it was somewhat sunny, and around 60 degrees out.  I figured I wouldn’t have another chance like that for a while.

I gotta tell ya, this antenna is sweet, well worth the $80 I spent on it.  The base is huge and looks much better than the other ones I’ve had.  The install was flawless, and it looks good to boot.  So in 48 hours, I’ll put the antenna on, and try it out.  I’m giving the compound time to dry, per the instructions.  The next step will be to get a rig for the car, which will be sweet in itself, it will make me want to drive the Focus all the time 🙂   I need to find a solution for the Blazer, but that’s not for a while.

I’ve got a three-day weekend, so I’m going to work on the Uber-Geek website, and get the ACCG frontend installed.  I’m going to play around more with the flash menu system, see if I can get into more trouble with it 🙂

Geek OFF!

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