IIMMXL New Years Resolutions

Ok, let’s see how I did this year:

  1. FAIL – Lose weight – I know we all say it, but I brought myself from the realm of 200lbs recently, and would like nothing more than to keep going. My goal is 180, but more than that, I want to feel good. That leads to #2
    I at least joined a gym, but it wasn’t until late in the year, so my weight stands at 200+
  2. In Progress – Get in shape – I keep telling myself that by the time I’m 40, I want to be in better shape than most 30 year olds in my field. Not a difficult goal since I’m in I.T. 🙂
    I have three more years to get it done.
  3. FAIL – Get more involved with Amateur Radio – For some reason I’m convinced that there’s a poisonous Cobra on my mic. I really just need to take some anti-venom and key up the mic. I’m missing out on a lot by just listening.
    I did join a group AND made contacts on HF during Field Day, but not much else
  4. FAIL – Dedicate time to my hobbies – Right now I fly through things I should really concentrate on, which makes the hobby an uneducated pain. Take my trials with Linux. I’m so busy with other stuff that I don’t take to time to figure things out, so I struggle constantly.
    Minecraft and Angry Birds, that’s all I’m saying
  5. FAIL – Finish the house! This is by far the most important. I’ve been having problems finishing projects on the house. This needs to stop mainly because soon I will have a ton of projects all needing done at once, and that activates #4.
    See above, and the whole NOT having the money to do it issue

Resolution for 2011

  1. Lose weight – As I said before, I joined a gym. We are also going on the Omega Diet for a while to get the weight down. I have set my goal at 170lbs, which is around 30lbs to lose. That should be an easy goal since I’m borderline eating healthy anyways.
  2. Get back in touch with old friends, and make some new ones – I’m so close to introvert it’s not even funny and that needs to stop.
  3. Get more involved with Amateur Radio – I got the venomous pit vipers off of the mic recently, so one of my goals is to key up at least once a day (Weekends outstanding)
  4. Rediscover my path – Religion has been playing a backseat to tech lately and I feel its time to reacquaint myself with the mystical side of my psyche.
  5. Seek higher education – Even if this means getting my extra level Ham Radio license. I really want to get A+ certified, and I do have the book, I just need to open the bloody thing!
  6. Clean up my act – Lately I feel as if my image has become a bit tarnished, I’ve feel I’ve become sloppy and just need to shine up a bit. It would be nice to get back to my “pretty boy” status. Anything to make the ladies go yum 🙂
  7. Cars – I’ve been neglecting our autos lately, which isn’t good. Getting into the swing of cleaning and maintaining is going to be tough, but doable. I just need to put into my mind that it’s my “Guy Time”
  8. Blog more – I got a flip video camera for Christmas, couple that with my new Droid X phone, and I have all the tools I need to video blog. It’s time I use the tech around me.

<doomandgloom>So I’m trying to look at 2011 with new eyes, if the Mayans are right, then this is the last year we’ll have on earth, so I’d better get going on this whole makeover soon so that I’ll be rockin’ the fields if the end comes.</doomandgloom>

Happy New Year everyone!


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