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OMG, it’s been like forever since I’ve updated. So much has happened. I kind of like the alphabetical update, so here we go!


Not too much going on in our world of Airsoft. I picked up a Multicam Boonie hat and a Shemagh at one of the surplus stores in Ohio. I was surprised by how comfortable the Shemagh is, once I got the hang of wrapping it. Saturday we hit Cool Stuff and picked up a smart battery charger and a pair of full seal goggles. Now that I have the goggles, I can say goodbye to my paintball mask. I’ll still bring it with me for when we have ops that require close encounters. For my sniper loadout, a simple pair of goggles and a recon wrap will do just fine. I’m hoping to go to an op next weekend with one of my friends. I’ve been itching to do some sniping in RL.

Amateur Radio

There’s a weekly podcast called This Week in Amateur Radio ( They are in need of voice talent to report the various news stories in the hobby. I’m seriously thinking about putting my name in for consideration. I’m going to set up my PC and do a couple of mock news reports to see how they sound. It would be neat to get a gig doing voice announcements. If this pans out, then I’ll have some demo reel to post on my blog, then I can start charging. 🙂


The cats are spoiled, we bought them a new cat tree since they’ve been spending a lot of time in the bathroom on top of the towel tower. It’s pretty, and it has had either one or both of the cats on it almost the entire weekend. Yeah, I think they like it, I just looked at Cali on the top perch sleeping with a big grin.


I’ve been off and on gaming for a while now, lately, I’ve started getting back into COD4. I need to just quit for a while when I start sucking. Today I was dominating but had to run downstairs to refuel. When I came back, I sucked for three rounds straight, so I stopped. Just because I call myself an Uber-Geek, doesn’t mean I pwn at games all the time.

Web Design

I have a couple of websites to build this week, and this morning I registered I wanted a place to put up some information on my BBS, that might bring some people to sign up and make it worth having.

I’m actually getting “work” for web design. I’m doing a couple for free to get my experience and my portfolio built up, I’ve been sitting on one since October, but without content, there isn’t much to do. I’ll get it done this week, then we can start adding some content.


Work, hmmm, where do I begin? Well, Tuesday, May 13th I came to work to find the basement quickly flooding from a burst pipe outside the building. Luckily we didn’t lose power, that would have been very bad. We did get some live documents wet, and I helped the rest of the week with getting the basement dried and cleaned out. We called Extreme Restoration in to do most of the cleanup, but a couple of us helped on top. I was very happy to see Friday come, which I took off for so Sue and I could drive to Ohio for our nephew’s 4th birthday party. We had a great weekend. It was a good ending to an otherwise terrible week.

I’ll have to work this Saturday, but only 4 hours, not too bad. I’ve got a ton of old equipment I’ll be cleaning out this week. I need to reclaim the server room, as well as organize it properly. I’m going to begin running the IT department like a military base. I only hope I can remember how the organization on those went.


It’s out of order, I’m aware. With gas prices quickly rising, I’m starting to see a pattern emerging that may bode very badly for us as a nation. Some dealerships are refusing to take trucks as a trade-in, and they are getting so desperate for sales, that they will give away free gas with each car purchase. Some airlines have begun charging extra for an additional piece of luggage, soon they will charge for just bringing luggage on the plane. This is all because of rising gas prices.

So, buying a gas-efficient motorcycle, or heck, riding my bike to work is starting to look like a good idea. My boss is considering staying at the one branch closest to his house, I think it’s a great idea, and I would have no problems moving his main PC to that branch so he doesn’t have to remote in. A 45 min drive a day really takes its toll, I know, I did it when gas was only $1.13. I certainly wouldn’t do it if it was $7.

Very dizzy right now, not sure if it’s because of the impending storm, or hunger, so this will wrap up my blog.


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