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Ah, Valentine’s Day. To a geek, it can be a day of re-affirmation that their social life sucks the big tag-nut.

For me, that’s not the case, because I’ve got my Sue, and I couldn’t be happier with our relationship at this point. As you can see in the upper right, the tickers running down for the big day, when we will become joined in marriage. It’s a day I’ve been looking forward to for some time now, and it will be a very awesome day, no matter what. (Unless she says no, which I doubt).

On a more sucky note, my Focus didn’t pass inspection. The one marker light and the license plate lights were out, plus my swaybar is “knocking” on the left side. This is the reason why I don’t get inspections done anywhere else but my family’s garage. If something won’t pass, we fix it on the spot. Instead, I’m out $15.00 because the guy doing the inspection took almost 2 hours for what should have taken 45 mins max. I used to help with inspections when I was younger, checking the lights and helping with the tools and such, and we got it down to about 15 minutes. Yay teenage energy! Oh well, just means a trip up to visit my parents, which is no biggie so long as the weather holds out. I need new tires as well, but I’ll be good for now, they won’t cost too much, so I can get those later.

So, I’ve finally decided, I will be making Bonante Computing an LLC. That way my ass is covered if anything goes belly up. So I’ll be starting the process soon. Just gotta get some things straight legality-wise, then I’ll be all set. Yesterday I learned how to secure web directories with the .htaccess and .htpassword functions. I knew about them but didn’t really have a chance to practice with it, so now I know, and knowing’s half the battle!

Got my microphone and SMA/BNC adapter in from Universal Radio. I have an earbud/mic combo for my VX-7R, so having a regular mic will be nice, especially when I’m just listening, won’t have to have the earbud in my ear anymore. I ordered a Larsen KP-2/70 glass mount dual-band for the Focus and will be getting a Yeasu FT-7800R soon after. I’m slowly rebuilding my amateur hobby, because it’s fun, and it’s going to keep my electronics brain functioning. I just need to take it out of its box and dust it off 🙂

So, today I’ll be learning Macromedia Fireworks, I’ve had this book for quite a while now, and it’s time I crack it open and figure it out, that way I’ll be able to put nicer graphics on my sites.

Stay tuned for the changes, I’m growing tired of this drab brown, I think I’m going to go with a techno-medieval theme.
Geek OFF!

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