KMA – That’s the way!

So, ok, big update today.

First, I have become gainfully employed.  That’s right, no more contracting jobs at 6-month intervals.  Now I can finally start living life and planning for the future.  I won’t say where I work, because I don’t think people should talk about work in their blogs, but I figure I can so long as no one knows where it is.  I will tell you all this, it’s about 2 miles down the street from me.  That means I could bike to work if the mood strikes me.

So, what does this mean for Bonante Computing?  A couple of things actually.  I’m still going to run the website, and sell things on it, but I’m not going to try and market it as a full-time business.  Once the website is online and running, I’m going to add on a BBS to it, so that I’ll be knee-deep in more things to do with computers 🙂   I honestly don’t know what will happen with it, but more than likely nothing.  This new job is going to take a lot of focus, which is something I could use in my life.  I’m excited because I think this is the kind of job that I’ll actually make a difference at, plus I get to go golfing with my fellow co-workers.

This week has been tough for us, our familiar Noche’ stopped eating Saturday night, so we took her to the vet.  Turns out she has a cavity, and her gums are bleeding real bad.  It’s going to cost us $600.00 to make her better.  We gotta do it though, she’s a part of our family and I can’t see putting her down because of a bad tooth.  This morning she finally started eating again, I mixed up a bowl of wet food for her, all the while getting stared at and mewed at, and the moment I set the bowl down, she started scarfing.  For 5 minutes she ate, almost emptying the bowl.  I left the bowl for her right where it was so she could eat more later.  Talk about a hungry kitty.  So we’re going to keep feeding her the moist food and have some hard food on hand for when she gets munchie hungry.

The whole issue about money came up last night.  Apparently, the majority of Sue’s family thinks I have $20,000 in the bank that I refuse to use for the wedding.  If that was the case, then I would be debt-free, the Blazer would be paid off, and I’d have a shiny new laptop at home.  Sometimes I wonder how the gossip mill can crank out such utter shit.  I’m almost $16,000 in debt, which will be gone by next March.

My iPaq is fixed.  Got the new battery and all is well. Haven’t used it since though, but I’m hoping this new position will make better use of it.  I’d really like to get a Blackberry, but they are way too expensive right now.

I need to finish up my General license book soon, I’d like to pass it before the wedding.

So that’s it. Going to go blow stuff up online now.

Geek OFF!

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