So, I saw Clerks II earlier this week.  I gotta say, Kevin Smith has outdone himself this time.

Not only was he able to fill the movie with homosexual undertones, but he was also able to squeeze in some drama, parody acting, and a bit of soap opera humping the WB drama.  I was laughing after the first 4 minutes.  It’s been so long since a Kevin Smith has come out that I almost forgot what it was like.

Been feeling like absolute hell this month.  I attribute it all to this great ability I possess. I can’t sleep in a noisy room. Problem is, the A/C needs to run at night because of the heatwave we had recently.  Now that the heat is starting to come down, I can’t sleep because I’m either cold or just plain restless.  I think I need a good shot of something to knock me out.

Took a look at the countdown to my contract, only 50 days left.  Luckily for me, I have a prospect at a really good job, I’m just waiting for the callback.  This new position is exactly what I’ve been waiting for.  The workload will be dramatically different than what I’m used to now, but I have a feeling I would be able to handle it.  Better work environment, more control of troubleshooting and repair, and best of all, it’s closer to home.  The thought of not having to drive to the North Side every day is reason enough to want this job.  My current boss reminded me that July 21st marked my 9th year in this contract. I thought contracts were supposed to be short-term, yet I’ve contracted longer than some people stay in a permanent job.  Must be my dazzling charm 🙂

We are hard at work on getting the wedding done.  I got my tux ordered, and we will be sending the invitations out by next week.  I need to work on getting the website done, the directions, and the reservations for the hotel.  I think Suzanne and I need to take a ride to that area and actually talk to someone at the hotel.  That might not be a bad weekend trip.

I’ve been slowly working on the pile of PC parts in the basement, I’m hoping to get all that stuff cataloged and sold soon, it’s starting to bug me not being able to move around down there when I’m trying to do a project.  At least I got two out of the three PCs up and running. I installed uBuntu on all of them, and they seem to be running rather well.  The next hamfest coming up would be a good place to offload some of the stuff.

Oh well, time for dinner.

Geek OFF!

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