New Toys

Kay, so I got some extra cash, and went nuts.

Now, before you roll your eyes, lemme tell you, I bought stuff that was actually useful. First I bought my GF a new HP Scanner, we don’t have one in the house, and it was on clearance, plus I messed up about taking something back to the store, so this made up for it. (Gotta Luv da sugar-daddy!)

I bought myself a 256MB USB Drive from Scandisk, a nice little storage device, small, fast, and highly losable 🙂 I’m doing a lot of studying, and I would rather have this little drive than lug a laptop around all the time. Bottom line. NEW GEEK TOYS!

If you want to get your own, Best Buy is having a special. $59.99 for the one I got, Model #SDCZ2-256. (As of 09/25/03)

I also got a Minuteman 325 UPS, our house is in the middle of the grid split, so one half will be on while the other half is out, or the whole place will go real dim. Can’t have Akira (My computer) losing its mind because of a power failure.

So I splurged a bit on myself, but hey, if you don’t spend a little on yourself once in a while, then why bother working?

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