Oh Baby

I think I just had a moment:

Yaesu FT-8800R Dual-band Mobile

I swear to the god of ham radio, I will have one of these in my Focus by the end of the year!  If not then, well, next year’s good too 🙂

I’ve rekindled the flame of amateur radio again, mostly because I’m at a point right now where I can really enjoy it.  I turned on my HT last night to find that I had no battery life left in it, so it charged all night.  Once I get the Focus back from the shop, I’m going to try again to put a good antenna on it, and start using my HT again.  I’m looking forward to getting a base station and getting that setup at home.

I downloaded Harv’s Hamshack Hack Live CD last night.  This is one sweet compilation of ham radio software, and a very nicely configured version of Debian, burned to a live CD, so I can use just about any PC.  I’m going to download the latest Debian tonight so I can load it on the drive completely, then I’ll set it to install the many applications that are out there for ham radio use.  I’m really excited to get into PSK31 and APRS.

Bonante.com is coming along well, I updated Joomla to the latest version, and once I get the banner setup for my site, then I’ll publish it to the web and begin adding content.

I’m going to be updating my gallery soon, with all kinds of fun stuff and personal pics of my life.  Why do you ask?  Eh, just because.  You never know when I’ll need to post a pic to CTRL-ALT-DEL’s forums.

I’m tired now and am going home. Tomorrow’s another day.

Geek OFF!

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