On the street you have to survive, he sold hotdogs on the corner

Just so you all are aware, the previous post was the result of low blood sugar and a severe case of Apathy towards all men.

All was settled with a series of violent outbursts and a couple of throwings of various heavy objects, luckily none of them took any damage.

I drove into work today with my head throwing out a barrage of witty, and sometimes not-so-witty songs and phrases, clearly random trivia and my Manic Muse were driving this morning. I figured it would continue, so I was hoping to be able to write some things for uber-geek during lunch. Turns out, my creative sides do not like work, and promptly went and hid in the back of my brain, and are now whimpering in fear. So I guess I’ll have to hope for another outburst of creativity once I get home tonight.

So now the blow-me gremlin is in control, giving me the supreme power of apathy!


Ok, so maybe they’re not completely hidden.

Got a chance to check out the new Halo 3 trailer from E3 last night. I would like to say I’m looking forward to it, but what I’m really looking forward to is the rest of Halo 2, whenever they decide to finish it that is. Plus, Halo 3 will probably only be on the 360, which means I WILL NOT be playing it anytime in the near future. In case you didn’t realize already, I hate the 360. It’s an overpriced, underpowered piece of ugly shit, plus they put Oblivion on it, which I was really looking forward to playing. *Sigh*, I guess I’ll have to go out and buy it for the PC, then upgrade my graphics card to handle it. Yaay! Honestly, though, I’m getting burned out of games really, I mean, there’s so much more to life. Hell, I don’t even play World of Warcraft, nor will I ever.

I play Guild Wars, sporadically. What’s worse is, I bought two copies of the preview edition of Factions, only to find out that it was just that, a preview. $10.00 for a frickin preview?!?!? WTFOMGBBQ? So now I’ll need to shell out another $49.99 to play the expansion. If you’re going to sell a two-day preview, don’t sell it for $10.00. The least they could do was to put on the CD – “This is not the full version of Factions”, because then I wouldn’t have bought two copies, being able to play a day ahead of everyone else is pointless to me. POINTLESS!

So I once again dove headfirst into the realm of 3D Studio Max, except this time I don’t really have a purpose. I’m just going to pick something and build it. I’ve put myself back into the learning phase, so I can’t really expect anything substantial to come out of it, except I will be a better use of the software. I figured out how to use the ink ‘n paint section well, which will be the basic shading for my uber-geek characters, this way they look as close to a living comic as possible. If all works out well, I’ll make a webcomic for Alpha-Geek, which will be the pre-cursor to the animated series.

So, blah, it’s Thursday, and I’m ready for the weekend to begin. I so need my sleep. I came home last night feeling like I was going to pass out from fatigue, which is weird because I don’t really do things that are all that physical. I’m thinking that’s the problem right there. My body is tired from sitting behind a PC all day.

Speaking of which, lunchtime is over, so it’s back to work I go.

Geek OFF!

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