*pant, pant*

It’s been hot, and humid for over two weeks now. I’m not affected by the heat too much, but sometimes it can go too far. I shouldn’t be breaking out in a sweat just to walk to the car in the morning.

So airsoft-wise, I haven’t been to an event since I last posted. One got canceled, and we were supposed to have a paintball outing this weekend up near my parents, but that’s a bust as well. There’s a game on the 18th that sounds awesome.

In the meantime, I picked up a proper hydration pack for my vest, it was OD green, so I made a little woodland camo pouch for it. I’ll see how well it works next weekend. I also installed a new communications rig in my helmet.

I placed a speaker on both sides of the helmet, just below my ear, so I can still hear the radio and my surroundings. Very little shows up once the cover is in place. I put the mic inside the mask, I was going to put it on the outside for effect, but I figured the inside would be better to keep it clean, and attached.

I’ve been wondering lately if maybe I’m too into airsoft, at least equipment-wise. I’ve only been to two official events so far, but I’ve been wanting to do something like this since I was a little kid. So fulfilling my childhood desires is something worth investing in. This hobby is making me get in better shape, and hopefully, it will help me to make new friends.

With all the rain we had on Sunday, our basement got wet again. This time it got worse than before. So once again I’m forced to clear out more stuff that is not wet, useless junk. I don’t know how much longer this house is going to stay on its foundation if it keeps getting wet like this. I’m not too worried, because by the time it becomes a problem, we’ll be long gone. One of the little joys of renting. This whole water issue is just pushing me harder to get the things down there on eBay and get them out of the house. Next week I’ll be taking care of that, though I say that every week, I think next week will be different. I just need to stop messing around and start listing.

Work is going well, I’ve got some new tasks to do each day, which is nice. There are days where I’m swamped, and others where I have lots of time to get things done. Those days worry me. My job isn’t a constant work kind of position, if it were, I would be out by now, because everything would have been done already. Having some not-so-critical work to do is nice because I can chomp away at it when I have some extra time.

My wife is quitting her job at the end of this month so that she can get her health back in check, as well as figure out what she wants to do with her life. I support her on this, we can make do without her income, and it will make getting to work easier for me. Now I can come in whenever is needed, and if I need to stay late, that’s much easier as well. So the end of August will be a bit of relief. The place she works at isn’t the best environment for her to be in. There’s a lot of animosities, perhaps it’s because she’s young, and is very good on the computer. I’ll be glad when she’s feeling better overall, eating better, and has a much better outlook on life in general.

I could certainly use a better outlook on life, hmmm, maybe my wife can help show me the way, once she’s found her path.


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