*Pow, Pow!*

Haven’t had time to write much lately, but I’ll make it up to you all who read this.

Went to Ohio last weekend to visit our friends, and attend an airsoft event. This was the first big event my friend and I have attended together. It was really fun and very hot. We lasted until 4 pm, which is pretty good for us old folks. The rest of the weekend was spent visiting and chilling out. My wife got to go swimming, which for her is a big deal. I’ve already promised her a pool when we finally move into a real home. This Sunday is yet another event, depending on whether or not my chores are done, I might go to it.

It always happens, I get into a new hobby, then get really busy with everything else, and can’t dedicate any time to it. 🙁

Our cats are going in for a checkup tomorrow, Kali’s first real vet visit. This is really going to hurt our checkbook. It’s necessary though, our cats’ health is just as important as ours. Our cats have fleas, and we can’t seem to get control over them. Hopefully, the vets can suggest something for them.

I’m trying to get my podcast off the ground, I really am, but it’s so hard. Mostly finding time to set up in the living room, then finding the ambition to start talking. Eventually, I will get to it, like everything else in my life.

I come home from working an 8 hour day, and I just want to sleep. That’s not good for someone who’s 33 years old. I feel like I’m twice that age. My wife keeps telling me to get out and do something, but all I see her do is sit in front of her computer. So motivational speakers who aren’t motivated tend to be unemployed. I’m sure the bug will hit me soon enough, perhaps if I didn’t go to sleep at 12:30-1 am I’d feel better as well.

Friday is my wife’s last day at work, she’s going to take some time off of the whole job thing and be a “kept woman”. She said she’d help with the eBay store, so this should get me motivated to actually do something with the 12×12 chunk of tech I have piled in the basement. Unless she has something for me to do this weekend, I’m going to spend some of it getting organized down there, and start posting something. I still haven’t got the basement dried out yet, so that will be step 1. I need to find my workbenches so I can actually work.

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