Progress: crawling

I’m progressing very slow on my new website, mainly because I work my arse off all day at work, then by the time I get home and get settled in, all I want to do is either watch tv or play a video game.

We’re winding down on one of our major deployments, so hopefully, then I’ll have more energy at home to get things caught up. I feel good knowing the things I do work on are making a difference. For instance, I’m delving into the forums a bit, trying to integrate their look with the rest of the site, so that it doesn’t seem so foreign. Once the forums are online, and the chat section is integrated, I’ll be able to RSS some news from around the web, as well as start getting my own articles ready.
My fiance is going to do some reviews on the free games that places like yahoo and PopCap host. I think that will be pretty cool. Myself, I’m going to be working on different articles, which will be posted in the daily news. I’m also going to categorize the articles, so they’ll be easier to sort through.

All in all, I think the website should be pretty informative. It will eventually become a sales and support site, and possibly an actual business, you know, the ones with storefronts and stuff. That would be so sweet.

Speaking of sweet, I’ve joined the Second Life bandwagon. It’s a really awesome place, I chat with tons of people each night, and have started coding my own stuff. So if you see some Kelt driving the Batmobile around in SL, you’ll know it’s me. 🙂

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Oh well, back to the grind.

Geek OFF!

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