I’m trying out the new keyboard that I pulled out of Sue’s new computer box.

So I salvaged a Compaq keyboard. I was using a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard that was $30 new with a wireless mouse. I’m going to use this keyboard until I can get a better wired keyboard. I’ve done the wireless keyboard thing, and it just doesn’t make sense for my desk, since I’m really close to the PC.

Sue and I went crazy in the basement yesterday. We now have half of our back porch covered with bags and boxes of shear crapola. The garbage men are going to love us Wednesday morning, but I’m going to be nice and try to pack it all into some sort of useful boxes to make it quicker. They’ve got a hard job, and I couldn’t do it if I tried, so I appreciate their effort. So long as they don’t bitch about mine, I’m good.

So now that just about everything is cleaned out downstairs, the organizing begins. I have a box of eBay stuff here ready to get listed, which should happen this week if all works out. Once that’s done, we can get ready for the yard sale we’re planning on having this year.

I’ve got to make this quick, got lots to do before bedtime.


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