So why are people important?

I’ve had possibly the worse day I could have had to date.

I went through absolute sh*t at work today, only to come home to find my $800.00 mountain bike was gone, lock cut, and left like a little “hehe, I took your toy” sign.

The urge to find the prick that stole it and tear his head open with my bare hands keeps going through my mind, but I’m so frustrated with everything else, that I’ve just lost to will to care, about anything. It seems like I must have pissed off someone big to be put through the kind of hell I’ve been through lately.

I don’t know what to do, I called the police, I called my insurance agent, so now I just wait and see what happens. I don’t know if I want to get another bike and deal with the constant worry that it will be stolen as well, I also worry about my car, which my bike was parked next to. What do I do if I walk out tomorrow morning and see a blank spot where my car was, what do I do then?

I can’t post 24-hour surveillance, camera & infrared trip-wires tied into my orbiting brain-lasers to smoke the next person that goes into my carport without permission.

So I sit here, open to whatever may come next.

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