Tapitty Tappity Tap

Wow, what a weekend.

First, we got up early on Saturday to head up to Strongstown for a wedding.  It was a very nice drive up, Sue and I talked the whole way, which doesn’t happen too often, the car ride is usually rather boring for her, so she sleeps during the trip.

The wedding was awesome, but we were a little under-dressed for the occasion.  The wedding party and most of the guests were in garb, which had we remembered, we would have dressed for the occasion.  This was my first chance to try some roasted pig, fresh out of the skin and everything, it was very dry, just like it should be.  I liked it.  All in all, we had a good time, and hope our wedding is as festive.

Sunday morning I dragged my tired ass out of bed and drove up to Butler for the Breezeshooters 52nd annual hamfest and computer show.  I met K3FKI up there between the raindrops and got to see a couple long lost hams I haven’t seen in a while.

I made my rounds through the flea market and the different product setups.  I ended up getting my general license exam book, plus a nice black and red hat with my callsign on it.  I also got an ID badge with my callsign and name, for when I got to functions and events.  I really want to get an emergency communications jacket.  ARRL has one which is really nice, but my dad said he had a jacket I could use, I will probably take him up on that and just get the logos and such put on it.  K3FKI was nice enough to let me borrow the Gordon West and ARRL morse code training audio, so I’ll be pounding some copper pretty soon.  I hope I can pick up morse code, it’s the one thing holding me back from moving up in the amateur world.
Lately, I’ve been fighting severe fatigue and sleeplessness, which is really taking a toll on me.  I really need to relax one of these nights.  My brain is scattered from all the multitasking I’ve been doing lately.  Time to focus on one thing for a change.

I still have about 7 hops to fly with my sim group, so maybe tonight I’ll do that, and study my general theory.  I flipped through it and realized it was first quarter electronic theory.  I’m hoping it will all come back to me once I start reading it, I spent too much effort at college to forget it all.

Oh well, back to sleep.

Geek OFF!

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