The pod has arrived

Thanks to my lovely wife both pushing me into the store, and letting me get it, I am now the proud owner of a BlackBerry Pearl.

I’ve been wanting a BlackBerry since my days at the Post Office when I would have to configure all of the district BBerry’s for other people. All the while I could have really used one, but they were way too expensive.

When I walked out of the store, my monthly bill for this beast would be just about the same as a regular phone. I got the unlimited data plan, and a good thing too! I’ve been using it like crazy ever since it came home.

I was given a smartphone from work, but it lacked a lot of features that I’ve been craving, and I really didn’t use it for work, not many people called me on it. So I’m giving it up for something better. The upside is I can also stop carrying my iPaq to work. So I’ll clear that off and put some Amateur Radio apps on it, as well as some for geocaching.

My cousin Kristie has been hooking me up with some sweet apps, they really expand the usefulness of the device. I don’t think I would like it as much if I couldn’t add apps to it.

So now the Uber-Geek has become one of the CrackBerry clan members.

Sue also made me a nifty Gaelic Storm wallpaper for my BBerry. It’s a Guinness in the background with their band label on the front. Very cool.


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