To zzz, or not to zzz

So here I sit, unable to sleep because my mind is racing. I really need to get out of this funk. 1 am rolls around, and I’m still not ready for bed.

When I get up at 7:00 am, I feel (and look) like someone hit me with a bus…3 times.

Here’s the problem: I work all day, and during that time I’m working on work stuff, just like everyone else. When I get home, there are things that need to be done there as well. My problem is, I’m exhausted, both physically, and mentally. All I want to do is browse 4chan and youtube, mostly because it’s all my brain can handle at that point.
My dad gave me some good advice last night. He said I should take an hour, and just do something, no matter if the project takes longer than that. Just start the project and work on it little by little. I’ve got websites just sitting there gathering dust because I’m burned out when I get home and have neither the ambition nor the focus to code or design a site. I don’t get inspiration until I’m ready for bed, then the light bulb (Compact Fluorescent light bulb) goes off, and I’m lying in bed, staring at the black wall.

Ok, since I’m up, time to talk about something I’m drooling over:

<salespitch>Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Aptera. This beautiful Diesel/Electric hybrid will get 300mpg on a single tank. There is also a model available that is 100% electric. The equivalent mpg for the electric is around 200mpg. It has a built-in computer with navigation and vehicle control, plus a solar panel on the roof to power/recharge. The price tag for this “wingless plane” is around $29,000.</salespitch>

Sure it looks weird, but I like the styling, if you check out the interior pictures, you’ll get a better sense of how simple and pretty the car is. If I had the cash to drop on it, I totally would. More than likely I would go for the hybrid, only because there aren’t a lot of recharge areas in Pittsburgh, so a combustion backup would be necessary. The first thing I thought of was “will it handle my ham radio gear”, so the geek is definitely driving my brain.

zzzzzzz…..And I just crashed, this is what happens. Off to bed.


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