Lots of things going on in the land of the Uber-Geek. Let me try and lay it down for my home-EEZ!

Work: Sucks, no other word to describe it. Nuff said about that. I don’t have enough room on the server for that topic.

BlackBerry: So far so good. Thanks to my cousin and her S.O, I’ve got a ton of apps on the little bugger. My batter has begun developing a memory from me charging it every night, so today I let it get to about 5% charge before letting it charge. I’m going to leave it on all night.

What’s happening is, my case doesn’t have the little magnet that the BlackBerry’s use to put them into standby, or Holster mode. The magnetic flap is like an inch away from being useful. I may try to open it up and move it, but for now, I’m trying to find an old case to salvage the magnet out of. If Verizon would have only moved their flap magnet about 1/2 to the right, then it would activate just fine. Once I get it figured out, then I’ll be alright with the battery power.

Airsoft: So far, I haven’t really begun the airsoft year yet. My ghillie suit is turning into one of those ship in a bottle project. It’s taking me forever. I’m very close to being done, which is good because I’m losing patience for the silly thing. I realized halfway through the project that I will not be able to crawl with it because it covers my whole front. It’s like trying to crawl in a poncho. So I will most likely make another one later that only covers the head and back, and can be removed from the BDU’s for cleaning and storage. Then I can crawl. For now, I’m just going to do the crouch moving and trying my best to look like shrubbery, only without the white fence around it.

Bonante.com: I’m desperately trying to work on the new site using Drupal. It’s looking to be much better than Joomla with the amount of customization and support it has. I’m just trying to get the structure figured out first, then I’ll worry about making up a theme for it.

Once it’s online, I’m going to start with some reviews, how-to’s, and whatnot. I’m going to also host a forum and try to attract some members that will help make the site grow. The goal is to get some side work to build up capital and some folding money. It’s also going to be the place to test and host client sites.


Slaughter The World

Check out the video above. I’ve been an amateur singer since I was a teenager. So far not many songs have really caught my interest. This one certainly has. I grabbed the lyrics, now I’m just trying to find a good karaoke of the Little Mermaid song in order to practice with. Once I get the song, I’ll record it and upload it here for all to enjoy. It’s a little disturbing, but I guess that’s what I like about it. Until I can properly sing Phantom of The Opera or Kamelot, I’m stuck practicing.

My Blog: Has now gone mobile. If you have a wap enabled phone, simply browse to my blog address and it will automatically format itself for your browser. Thanks to a little add-on from Wordpress.org.

House: Our house is slowly going through some changes, kind of like puberty, but without the squeaky voice and hair in weird places. This weekend we stimulated the economy with a new bed from The Original Mattress Factory. We got the Orthopedic mattress, and let me tell you, I no longer hurt when I wake up. Now granted I haven’t slept well the last two nights, but that’s more a mental thing than a physical one.

We also got rid of our sideboard in the kitchen and replaced it with a 5-tier metal shelf unit. Now we have a ton of room and can start really organizing the kitchen.

It seems we’ve been kicking our butts the last couple of weekends. I tried to have a day of rest on Sunday, but that didn’t work out so well. I ended up going to bed at 1:30 am miserable and depressed, and woke up much the same way. The events of the workday didn’t help much either, so my only happiness was coming home. Driving home to be with my family should be the height of my day, and it has been for quite some time, so it was a nice feeling to be able to relax with my wife and our kitties.

This weekend we are going to a composting workshop in Irwin. If all goes well, we will be on our way back with a proper composting bin and a learned skill that should help us greatly with the garden and giving back to our local earth. The tree out front is dead, and it saddens me to see such a loyal guardian now lying still in a shell of its former self. I really want to give her peace by cutting her down and making her into crafting material and also burning her in our fire pit so that we can scatter her ashes back into the earth. I don’t really know any other way to take care of her. Planting a new tree would also be nice, depending on whether or not the landlord lets us remove the dead tree first. Otherwise, we may only be left with a broken stump.

I promise I’ll get some pics on here. I’m looking at some online galleries since the one we have to install just doesn’t cut it. I wouldn’t mind Flickr, but I’m not sure. The web designer in me just can’t see giving it to someone else. I may just find a better gallery and install it.

Time to end this lovely update.


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