What a week

So, as usual, I’m posting almost a week late. No biggie.

Saturday was the last day for work’s Grand Opening, so I rewarded myself with a new gun. I picked up an ECHO-1 M14 SOCOM AEG.

This little baby is awesome. I had planned on getting a G36, but after testing out a few others, I decided on this one. I’ll probably get it upgraded later on. Right now it fires around 310-340fps, after the upgrade, it should be creeping near 400.

Went to Three Rivers Paintball on Sunday to test out my new gun and my aging skills. I didn’t do too bad, died a lot, but you’ll have that. All in all, it was a good first Airsoft outing. I paid for it the rest of this week, my thighs have been killing me all week. That just tells me I need to get out more and get back in shape. I’m aware that round is a shape, but it’s not one I want to be.

We are doing alright on our diet, but we need to start exercising. I’m planning to try to go biking at least three times a week, that should get my legs, and my lungs back in shape. My heart could use some work as well. My problem is, my heart beats slow, so it takes a lot to get it up to an aerobic level. I need to find something that will do that. Couldn’t hurt to do some situps and pushups either.

So my ghillie suit is coming along nicely. It’s about 3/4 of the way through. I just need to finish one side and tie on the hood. I’m not sure whether I’ll be using it a lot now that I’ve been through a game. I’m sure there are going to be times where I’ll need it, and I’ll be able to camo my gun with the leftovers, which should be sweet. My biggest problem now is my paintball mask is silver, I need to find some sort of paint to get it painted up. Once I do that, there’s a fan that can be installed in it to clear the fog out, that would be hella sweet.

This week saw our basement flood once again. *sigh*, so now the eBay season has arrived. I’m going to clean out that basement and put the majority of it on eBay. I hope to make some serious cash, considering the number of computer components I have down there. My one quandary is what to do with the PCs I have that are just too old to sell. I’m probably going to load ubuntu on them and take them to the next hamfest. I know we hams like the older model PC’s for a multitude of reasons, so maybe I can sell them off little by little.

I need to get new tires on the Focus, that was one of my overtime paychecks investments. I’m hoping these new tires will help smooth the car out some. I need to figure out why it vibrates so bad, even at idle. I have thought about getting a new car, but until Suzanne starts driving, there’s really no need. I don’t have the cash for one right now anyway. I’m going to just stick with what I’ve got for now. I might try overhauling the engine and see if I can get some more power outta the old girl.

So, I’m all out of things to talk about, going to get ready for work now.


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