Why has my cubicle been replaced with a matchbox?

Oh, you didn’t hear? You’ve been downsized

Kay, so we’re losing two contractors next Tuesday, which takes us down to oh, two left! To top it all off, we’re being handed more and more work each day, which sounds like a fair exchange to me.

Pffft. I don’t know about big business sometimes, is it me or has the whole IT world gone nuts? This whole consolidation of helpdesk resources is stupid. I understand the need to save money, well how about cutting costs of the big-wigs with their expensive “company cars” and everyone and their brother needing a $300.00 PDA that they use to play solitaire because they don’t know how to read the e-mail being sent to it.

I stood in line at my local bank for 25 minutes for the only teller that was working to get through the line that was out the door.

The reason is, the other two tellers were on hold with tech support because their terminals were down. Now from what I overheard, they would have to wait for a call back from another guy. The wait is from 30-45 minutes. Now if there had been a local city IS presence, someone could have driven down and taken care of it.

It’s situations like this that make me wonder where the future of I.T. is headed. Most businesses operate on computers, yet the people that build, maintain, and repair these invaluable systems are treated as if they don’t matter to the grand scheme of things.

Oh well, one day, people will realize just how important we are, when there are none of us left, and there are no 12-year-old next-door-neighbors kids to fix it. 🙂

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