Why the world hates America

A few examples:

“Gas prices are too high!”

“We can’t afford the price of heating our homes!”

“The economy is in total chaos!”

“Our wages aren’t enough!”

Then I see this on eBay:

So after today, I never want to hear anyone say how much stuff costs if you can afford to pay $64,000 for tickets to a SPORTING EVENT THAT YOU HAVE NO IMPACT UPON!

I don’t care how much of a die-hard fan you are of football, if you can spend that amount of cash for 4-5 hours of entertainment, you don’t belong in normal society.

How many charities have you contributed to?
Do your kids have a trust fund or are in a good college, completely paid for by you?
If the answer is no, then you’re an idiot and should be put out of your misery.

Get your priorities straight people.  No sporting event is worth this much, no matter what.

Wow, this is rant #2, I’ve got to start eating my Wheaties!

Geek OFF!

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